The image of the skull is part of a tradition that is reflected in all the towns of Mexico, because of the day of the dead festival. which is one of the most important in the country.
The cult to the skulls in Mexico, derives from the cult of the deceased, being a form of adoration and remembrance that has been in force for eras in practically all the cultures of Mexico.
In Mesoamerican cultures the great majority of their people venerated the bones of their ancestors as if they were representations of their gods, especially their skulls, which they considered a mode of communication with the other world.
Mesoamerican cultures have shown a greater devotion to the symbol of the skull, crossing the threshold of family worship and transferring it to temples and objects of power.

Based on our cultural heritage, in respect to our deceased and in honor of them we made a collection of calaveritas in the festivities of the day of the dead, decorated with Zapotec patterns.

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